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How to Open RoboForm in Windows 10

How to Open RoboForm in Windows 10

Edge to Internet Explorer Workaround

RoboForm works well in Windows 10 supporting the same set of browsers as in Windows 7/8.1. Windows 10 has a new Edge browser which was designed to take the place of Internet Explorer (IE). It does not allow extensions to be used within the browser, which affects RoboForm integration. This is not in our control and we hope they will modify this philosophy soon.

If you would like to attach RoboForm to Internet Explorer on Windows 10, please use the following instructions.

1.First please ensure you have the latest RoboForm downloaded and installed from

2.Open your Edge browser; its icon looks similar to the previous icon of IE except it no longer has the yellow halo:

3.In the “Search or enter web address”, please enter the website or search query you wish to proceed with (such as

4.Once the website appears on your screen, select the three dotted icon in the upper right hand corner of Edge: Select “Open in Internet Explorer”.

5.This will open the legacy supported version of IE where RoboForm will continue to work properly.

6.Right-click the IE icon that has just appeared in the Taskbar and select the command to Pin it to the Taskbar. Thus you will have a quick access to IE from Taskbar.

The TeckPath Team - Credit to RoboForm.

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